About Us

Fresh out of college and wandering about for jobs, we started ZealHaute out of our little 2-bedroom apartment. The original idea came while we were completing school commerce projects years before. What started with something intentionally niche and unique, has grown into much more.

In order to succeed as a small brand, our products have to be different. We design and produce products that you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t look like most companies, but that is something that we have embraced.

ZealHaute is a company built from a lot of love and grit. We hit the ground running two and a half years ago and we haven’t had the time to look back. 

Our Gallery

Offering an unconventional style ethos as a fast fashion brand, we design styles in response to the latest trends.

Encapsulating inspirations from around the globe, ZealHaute brings you clothing for the fashion-forward modern men & women.